Do you have questions about our stump removal or stump grinding services? Hopefully, this helps!

1. How much do you charge for a stump?

The charge will be relative to size, accessibility, and numbers. We will give you an estimate by phone, but reserve a final bid for after we have seen the job.

2. Do we have to be home?

No. However, we will want to be able to contact you for communication if needed.

When is payment due?

At completion of the work. Under special circumstances, we can offer other terms if agreed before we begin the work.

4. Can you get your machine in my back yard?

Yes. We can access a three foot gate or can remove fence or debris at extra charge.

5. Is it safe to leave my pets in the yard?

Usually, but we don’t want to chance it. Dogs have been known to challenge the machine. It is best if they are contained in a safe place.

6. Will I have ruts on my lawn when you are done?

No. We have a machine that is light weight and lawn friendly. It is designed to be driven on even the plushest lawns and landscapes.

7. I have lawn sprinklers. Can you work around these?

Yes. If you know where they are located, just communicate this. We flag any hazards that are at risk.

8. We have land where timber has been harvested. Do you offer farm rates?

Yes. We love large jobs. We can offer pricing that is economical and more practical than digging and less invasive to your property than heavy equipment.

9. How long will the work take?

It will go quicker than most think. We can give you a good idea after a description of the job.

How can you compete with a rented machine?

In almost all cases, we can do the work for you at a price that is less than you pay for a rental! We will finish faster, too!

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