Presentation is important

Presentation is important

We offer a presentable and professional crew that takes care of your lawn.

Our team at Stump-B-Gone is so glad you found us! As native East Texans, we aren't thinking of ever leaving. We established our business in 2002 and have since worked tirelessly to build our reputation as one of the most professional and reliable stump grinding and removal tree services in the area.

If there is one thing we love hearing from our previous clients, it's that they appreciate our dedication to presentation. This goes two fold. Our team takes pride in how they look on the job and how our company is represented in the field. When we pull up to your home, business or farm you can expect a uniformed crew, with the latest equipment and wrapped trucks. This business is our baby and we believe in taking care of it. Like the presentation of our crew echos the standards we hold as a business, the state of your lawn is representative of you. We promise to not leave your beautiful lawn looking like a wreck. The team at Stump-B-Gone vows to leave your East Texas lawn looking just as it did, if not better, than before.

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