Don't Let a Stump Stop You From The Lawn Of Your Dreams

Improve your yard and remove your stump

You’ve worked hard to maintain your lawn. Your attention to detail is impeccable, except around that pesky stump in the middle of the yard. Say goodbye to that stump forever with Stump-B-Gone’s stump removal and grinding services. We can remove the tree’s stump and roots completely from the ground, or we can grind the stump a few inches below the ground to allow grass to grow without leaving a gaping hole in your yard.

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4 reasons to remove your stump

Stump grinding and removal have aesthetic and safety advantages. Here are four reasons to remove your troublesome stump:

1. A stump’s roots can continue to grow and affect your home’s plumbing.
2. A stump can interrupt the carpet of lush grass you’ve cultivated.
3. A stump can make lawn maintenance a difficult task.
4. A stump can attract termites and fire ants.

Choose Stump-B-Gone now to remove that stubborn stump from your lawn in Tyler, Texas

Why should I remove a tree stump?

Stump-B-Gone serves Tyler and all of East Texas as your most trusted and efficient stump removal company.

  • Termites love trees and their wood above and below ground.
  • Fire ants are also a big hazard. If you have children that love to play outside, and their are stumps in your lawn, fire ants will surely follow.
  • If you are thinking of doing any additional landscaping, or fence installation and repair, leftover tree stumps will be in your way.
  • Most stumps are just plain unsightly. In order to improve the look of your property, call Stump-B-Gone and get that stump removed!
  • You might need to have the stump removed for drainage purposes. Don't let that stump's roots continue to grow and affect your home's plumbing!

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