Stump Grinding: Tyler and East, TX

Stump Grinding: Tyler and East, TX

Stump-B-Gone offering Tyler and East, TX and all of East Texas a premier stump grinding service that leaves your yard looking better than before!

No matter the size of your stump, it's proximity from your home or ease of access, we have the experience to get your stump removed and ground right. To get started call us for a free estimate. Depending on the situation, we may be able to give you an estimate over the phone, or we'll send one of our professionals to the job site.

When you partner with Stump-B-Gone of Tyler and East, TX, not only do we promise quality and experienced workers, but your lawn will not be damaged. Our stump grinder is landscape friendly! We have a self-propelled and portable grinder that can access all of those hard to reach places. Your lawn will not be trenched up or left looking a mess.

If you are in or around the Tyler and East, TX area or anywhere in East Texas, and have recently had trees removed, you've probably realized by now that stump removal and stump grinding was not included. 

Call a professional stump grinding service to get the job done right. Call the licensed and insured professional of Stump-B-Gone!


Stump grinding and removal have aesthetic and safety advantages. Here are four reasons to remove your troublesome stump:

1. A stump’s roots can continue to grow and affect your home’s plumbing.
2. A stump can interrupt the carpet of lush grass you’ve cultivated.
3. A stump can make lawn maintenance a difficult task.
4. A stump can attract termites and fire ants.

Choose Stump-B-Gone now to remove that stubborn stump from your lawn in Tyler and East, TX

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