Making your Space a Better Place

Reconfigure your landscape

Is there a section of your yard that’s uneven? Is the grade causing erosion problems or affecting the aesthetics of your home’s exterior? If you need to change the shape of your home’s landscape, Stump-B-Gone has your back. We’ll do the grunt work so you don’t have to. We’ll bring our tractor to help you complete the yard work that may be a little heavier than you can handle.

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Change the face of your landscape

Whether you need to prepare your soil for new sod or want to beautify your lawn with Stump-B-Gone services. We can complete a wide range of landscape services, including:

• Landscape raking
• Land cleanup
• Landscape leveling
• Minor excavation
• Tree Removal

Choose Stump-B-Gone to reshape the landscape surrounding your Tyler and East, TX home.

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