Stump-B-Gone is Tyler, TX and all of East Texas's superior go-to for safe, fast and complete stump grinding and stump removal services, in addition to post-stump removal landscaping services and design. Remember back in the day when customer service was important? Stump-B-Gone brings those days back again.

Our family owned and operated business began in 2002 but our owners have been residents to the local Tyler, TX area for even longer. When you partner with us, you'll experience the benefits of working with a smaller company. Our low overhead allows us to offer you competitive stump grinding and stump removal prices in addition to superior customer service.

Stump Removal

Stump Removal

Whether you are a business owner, home owner or live on one of the area's ranches, you don't want unsightly stumps on your property. Sure it's probably better than when the problem tree was there before, but there are still plenty of reasons to go a step further in having that stump removed.

Termites love making stumps their new residence. It's never a good idea to have termites near or around your home or business. These critters will eat anything they can get their hands on! Don't let a stump be the cause of termite infestation on your property or its roots breach your plumbing. Call the professionals at Stump-B-Gone to take care of it!

Stump-B-Gone is also proud to offer superior landscaping services in addition to our stump grinding and removal services. After removing an old, dead stump from your yard, Stump-B-Gone will help you determine an action plan to make your yard beautiful again. We're able to rake, do land clearing and cleanups, level, do minor excavations, build retaining walls, and more! 
Stump-B-Gone will do what it takes to take your yard to the next level! Call us today to schedule your next appointment! 

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Back to grass in no time!

Back to grass in no time!

Stump Grinding is the first step!

Stump grinding is not a job that should be done yourself or by an amateur. If you are looking for a company that is experienced, professional and reliable, choose Stump-B-Gone! Our team only carries the latest stump grinding equipment. The alternative is to hire a company with outdated tools that will surely tear up your yard or do it yourself and risk the same outcome. For all of your stump grinding needs, choose a team that cares most about getting the job done right and taking care of your lawn throughout the process.

Get your estimate now!

When we come to your home or business in Tyler, TX, or anywhere in east East Texas, to view the job site, expect us to leave you with a written and detailed estimate. We believe in being very upfront and honest with our clients when it comes to cost and expectations. Our bid car will come out, inspect the job site, and present you with a detailed list of tasks, their costs, and a final estimate. After your written approval, it's time to get the job done!